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Since I have become bored with this journal and most of you have become bored with me, I've gotten a new one.

Add me here if you want and I'll add you back:



There are a couple people I've added already because I still love them and they still talk to me.

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So how long has it been? 10 days? That's unusual for me. I've been neglecting this journal more and more as time goes on, but I have excuses. Just been bombarded with schoolwork and such. But I'm sure nobody missed me anyway. You all know it's true. :P

People at school annoy me. I feel like I just can't be my full self there. People already know me...or think they do. I'm the quiet, nice, but weird girl in the corner who has friends, but prefers to be alone. That is who I have been and still sort of am, but I've changed a lot and I'm having enormous trouble trying to show that to people. There are kids who I really really really want to be good friends with, but I'm not good at making friends. There are kids who I am friends with now, who I don't want to be friends with anymore, but I can't just tell them that.
If I could just somehow have people get to know me better, then I know they'd like me.

Where did that come from? My therapist isn't around so I had to get it out somehow I guess...

I have become even more obsessed with My Chemical Romance than ever before. I've been reading a lot of magazine articles and have found out quite a bit about my beloved Gerard that I never knew. These things weren't good and made me very unhappy, but they have changed and I like him more than I did before reading them. He's awesome.

Also, I have found out that MCR will be at the Pittsburgh (PA) Warped Tour show and, needless to say, I have been bouncing off the walls because of it.

I could say more, but can't.
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Past the Gates

Serenity can be found
Among the granite stones

Memories of lives long since dead
The spirits living on outside of bones

Prayers, carvings, sculptures, flowers
Commemorating legacies left behind

There are, of course, those left alone
No one living with caring in mind

Young and old they departed
Leaving sorrow in their wake

Returning home to open arms
Never forgotten, never a mistake

by me...written because of my love for cemeteries.

I just came back from helping to clean one up about an hour ago. It was gloomy outside and I was soaking wet, but I would have stayed for another hour. By walking among the graves and reading the stones, I just get a great sense of peace and happiness. Maybe this makes me sound moribid, but I don't think of it that way.

I now have a poem published. I forget the name of the anthology.

Favorite songs of the moment:
1) Dirty Laundry by Lisa Marie Presley whom I just love.
2) Portland, Oregon by Loretta Lyn featuring Jack White whom both, I also love.
3) Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
4) Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Why doesn't anybody like them anymore?

hahahaha I'm listening to Launchcast radio and that song All the things she said by T.A.T.U. just came on. Remember it?

My relationship with the bf is constantly feeling like a rollercoaster. At least for me. Some days I want him around all the time and others I just want him to leave. I feel guilty, I feel weird towards him, I feel clingy, he makes me squirm, he makes me mad, he makes me feel special, I think he's cute, I think he's immature. This all happens, depending on the day. But he is totally oblivious because I put up a good act and we just don't talk about things like that. I'm afraid of changes that could occur when this ends, so despite it all I never say a thing. I don't want to loose him as a friend.

I found some interesting tombstone epitaphs on this website:

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Hey,! long time, no post

I think I want to change journals. The whole dark_faery thing is getting old. I just need something new. I like new. Sometimes.


Give me ideas for a new username please!!!


That is all...maybe another upday tomorrow because I do have things I would like to write about, but there is a lack of time at the moment.

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I <3 my Travey....

You scored as Gay.










Are you Bisexual, Straight, gay/lesbian?
created with

I swear if I had been born a guy I so would have been gay...

You all should know something....The Killers are one kick ass band.

I am becoming a bit overwhelmed with the larger amounts of homework I've been getting and the 4 reports/projects I have due this quarter, BUT other than that I am just fine and dandy. Things are just falling into place and I am doing my best to enjoy it.

I've recently finished Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception Words cannot describe how much I love this series. This wasn't the best book out of the series, but it came close.

What is up with this new pope? Firstly, he picked the name Benidict, secondly, he's 78 and thirdly, apparently way conservative. WTF? Do we really need a conservative pope in this day and age? I'm disapointed with the selection, but I still wish him all the best. He's got some big shoes to fill.

Normally I hate Mondays, but yesterday just turned out to be absolutely great for me. School was good and after school my mom, sister, and I went to the mall. I was in Walden's (I practically live there) looking in the young adult's section (as usual) and I here "pssst...psssssst...." I turn around not sure if I actually heard anything and turn back around and there's my Travis. =] AND soon after in comes my buddy Jessica whom I hardly ever get to see anymore. I went with them back to Jessica's house and we jumped on her trampoline and goofed off for a good hour or more then went inside. Sooo much fun. I haven't felt that happy in a while.
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Yesterday, I found myself standing in the Wallyworld (most of the human population likes to refer to it as "Wal-Mart") seriously contemplating buying the Jesse McCartney CD, then I came to my senses and realized, I only like 2 songs on the whole thing and promptly put it back and bought The Killers instead. Although now is the time I really wish my CD burner worked so I could have "Beautiful Soul" to listen to whenever I want, but of course this computer has never been up to such a large task without having a temporary meltdown, whereby causing me a partial nervous breakdown followed by severe hyperventelation.

I am now the extremely proud owner of a copy of Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer. I practically cried tears of joy carrying it through the mall, or should I say, holding it as close to my chest as possible as if I thought some book thief was going to come and rip it right out of my hands. I just love it. I missed my Arty...

Pffft...Joe is annoying me by ignoring my telepathic messages to get on AIM that I have been sending since yesterday. It usually works....but I might as well get used to it. We aren't going to be able to talk hardly at all in these coming months. Both of us are getting busier...:(

I need out of my is slowly constricting my up until the point where I feel as though I will not be able to breathe inside of its walls for much longer. Between my unbelievably immature class just not caring about anything and the clueless staff...I just need more space to be myself and act to my full potential.

I want to re-vamp my info page....
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welcome to chicago

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You scored as Beautiful Soul. You've scored as 'Beautiful Soul'


Beautiful Soul


The Stupid Things


Take Your Sweet Time


She's No You


Because You Live


Which Jesse McCartney Song Are You!?
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I thought this was rather amusing. It's my favorite song of the moment too. :P

I want to go see The Ring Two, but on Friday I will be going to see the High School preform 'Peter Pan'. They have a production every year...they're really good actually. Plus, I love the story of Peter Pan so I'm looking forward to it.
Saturday is this month's People to People meeting (for my trip to Europe this summer) and this time I am actually really looking forward to it. I just can't wait to's really hitting me that I am actually going to be in Europe and not just anywhere in Europe, Italy. I never thought I'd be able to go there at least until after I finished college, but yet here I am, going at the young age of 14. Amazing.
I've been watching a lot of the news specials on the Pope talking about his life and showing pictures of Vatican City. Now, as anyone who pays attention to what I write in here knows, I'm not a Catholic (or at least don't consider myself to be), but I really marvel at the beauty of St. Peter's Basilica as well as the Vatican gardens...then I finally remember, I get to see it. Up close and personal. I get to step into the very place the Pope's body is lying in right now. They place wher Michaelangelo and numerous other famous painters created beautiful artwork. The place where thousands only wish they could see. Once again, just amazing.
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welcome to chicago


For all of you that wanted to know a little more about me.
Ask me three questions. No more, no less about whatever you wish and I promise to answer it. Then post this in your journal as well allowing your friends, and myself to ask you anything.

Hmmm...I've posted this before, but I wanted to again. Really just to see how many comments I can get on it. Who cares enough to ask. Who I interest enough to want to ask. My guess? Not that
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Alright, so hopefully I'll like this entry better than my last. I sounded actual age in years and I now find that I don't like that at all. No offense to anyone, that is, I don't mean to make it sound like being 14 (or close to it) is a bad thing...I just well, think of this journal as a place where I can actually say all of what is on my mind and make myself sound like I want to be heard and not get criticized for it and looked at like I have 3 heads. Ah, and it also may have something to do with the fact that I feel the constant need to have an ego boost and make myself feel/sound intelligent.

In the past week I have watched 5 movies. Which is practically unheard of for me...usually I'm lucky if I see a new movie every two weeks. They ones I've now watched are the pacifier (twice), the incredibles, fat albert, just married and big fish which I absolutely adored. As I've stated before...Tim Burton is a genius.

I believe that ladybugs are planning a full on invasion of my house...they've sent numerous spies in already...most have been killed, but they refuse to give up.

I keep on seeing previews for that new movie Sin City that's coming out and keep seeing stuff about Jessica Alba on TV. I feel that I must state that I think she is fucking hott. I've always had a thing for her...ever since she was on that show Dark Angel or whatever it was, although I didn't really realize it then. I wish she would dye her hair darker...she looked better that way.

The fanfiction ship pairing Artemis Fowl/Draco Malfoy is now my new favorite. I have only been able to find one fanfiction writing on it however...

I've also been reading more and more about the "religion" of Novus Spiritus and have joined a community called fansofsylvia and have found people who believe and admire Sylvia just as I do. Also, I've found out a comment Sylvia recently made about Terri Schiavo saying that her spirit is already on the other side and has been for years. That is exactly what I've been thinking since this huge fiasco with her all started and I saw the video of her on TV. But then of course it raises questions...such as, why is her body still working when she isn't even using it anymore? How did it happen? Why did it happen? Questions always lead to more questions...I don't think we ever get full clarification on everything. I'm sure there's a reason for teach us all something or another...depending on who you are, but it's also caused even more division among people and it's causing her family enormous amounts of grief. I can only imagine how hard it must be...especially since they still believe she's in there somewhere and suffering.

But anyway, more on Novus before you go thinking that I'm trying to preach to you and get you to follow my beliefs, I'm not. I'm completely against that sort of thing. I'll give my opinion if asked, but not where it's unwanted. But also, seeing as this is my journal, I'm going to put what ever the hell I want and I don't care whether you read it or not. There will be plenty more of this sort of thing in the future...guaranteed. Not that many people even read this thing anymore anyway.


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Oh, and if anybody has any opinions...I'd be glad to hear them...even if you completely disagree with me on any part of the load of crap I just typed up.


ohhhh and I want to get my hair cut...but I have no idea what to do with it. I want something different, but not short or anything. I want something more...rockerish...? Like..layered...but long enough so I can still pull it back. Can anybody give me any suggestions? Please???

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Go listen to ska-na-na on purevolume because they rock and I said so.


The show Wednesday was pretty awesome...coulda been better, but I'm not going to complain much. Ska-na-na did an awesome job, but their set was first so everybody was just sort of standing around and jumping a bit for their first couple of songs...there was next to no energy, but then people loosened up. I voted for kodos was good too, but ya couldn't even hear the I didn't enjoy them that much.

I took Rachel, which was a mistake (not worth explaining really) and Travis too. There were quite a few people from school there including katelyn, brian, bree, cory, scott (he's in skanana) and some others. Brian got a bloody nose in the most pit, bree got knocked to the ground hard by a rather large kid, my shoe got stolen for about 10 minutes, Trav surprised me by being almost clingy when before he hardly came near me, Cory helped me to plot a way to get rid of Rachel in a way so that nobody would find the body...but we didn't follow through, but still,  all in all it was fun.

Yesterday, I ended up going to the movies to chaperon my little sister and her...boyfriend (she's 10) while my mom took my brother to see Robots. We saw The Pacifier which I liked a lot. I luuuuurve Vin Diesel. He is the only bald and buff man I have the hotts for. Why, I do not know. Also, the kid who played the oldest boy, seth, was f-ing pretty as all hell. But I did actually watch the movie and like I said, enjoyed it a lot.

We also went to the mall and I bought Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez and another Sylvia Browne book on meditation. I really want to get into it...but it's quite hard for me. I have a lot of trouble relaxing myself enough and concentrating on just that one thing, but I think once I get it down I'll benefit from it...

Tomorrow my cousins are coming for Easter...and I'll probably go to a movie with Travis to see...Constantine..? Sounds interesting from what I know...

Hmmm...the most eventful week I've had in a while and yet I still wish I had something more to say.



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